Smart technology for efficiency and cost savings in Facility Management

Hausverwaltung Immobilienverwaltung Facility ManagementIoT Remote Monitoring / Remote Alerts are an essential tool for an efficient and modern Facility Management.

Property companies, facility managers and real estate administrators benefit from IoT monitoring devices in several ways: 

  • improved quality of service and higher customer satisfaction,
  • reduced costs and 
  • prevention of secondary damages.

COMOTIX® Remote Alerts offer a number of benefits in comparison to conventional solutions: 

  • Can be retrofitted in 2 minutes to any existing heating or cooling system 
  • No Wifi required 
  • No 230V power supply required
  • Simple and affordable 

Faults and failures on heating, cooling and warm water systems require rapid reaction 

The longer a fault or outage remains unknown to facility management, the more stress it creates. The occupants of the building start complaining and calling the facility managers. Prolonged problems can even lead to reductions in rent paid. If the technicians are busy or if parts are missing, the stress on all involved parties escalates further. Now, every minute counts. 

Numerous calls and complaints generate substantial stress for the Facility Management.

Happy occupants, relaxed FM employees 

Alarm Meldungen an Servicetechniker, SHK TechnikerThanks to IoT failure alerts occupants will not even notice a failure in many cases and fm personell can react swiftly and in the background. For facility management employees, their job will become more relaxed and they will appreciate being able to act instead of only reacting.  

Remote Condition Monitoring enables quicker reactions and rapid repairs

The sooner a fault is detected and the sooner the repair process is initated, the better. This is where modern IoT devices deliver huge benefits. Facility Management as well as the service technicians gain valuable reaction time. 

Immediate alarms to all responsible service technicians 

When a fault or outage occurs, immediate alarms will be sent to as many recipients as required. These can be facility management employees as well as service technicians. This automatic notification further reduces the workload in facility management and ensures a faster reaction time. Result: more efficient facility management processes. 

Simple installation in 2 minutes - no Wifi required, no 230V required

COMOTIX® IoT devices are autonomous. They do not require Wifi or a mains power supply at the place of installation. The availability of Wifi is often a major problem in multi-party residential building and the installation of a dedicated LAN/Wifi access is often not economically feasible. 

Instead, COMOTIX® IoT devices use 4G/5G mobile data transmission services (with 2G fallback).  The devices contain an embedded SIM card (eSIM) with multi-roaming capability.

They work with all major networks and select the network which is performing best at the place of installation. Cell coverage is rarely a problem, even in basements or remote locations thanks to the finely tuned antenna and the excellent performance of the advanced data services such as LTE-M and NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT).  

Simple retrofit installation, no warranty implications

Störungsmelder Heizungsüberwachung Comotix Contact IoT Adding fault monitoring to existing systems is easy and quick. No need to interfere with the existing system's circuitry. COMOTIX® devices are a simple retrofit. The input signals can be potential-free fault notifications, signal lamps or temperatures. The system's warranty is not compromised. 

Start a pilot project with us and get to know the benefits of remote monitoring 

Do you have questions or would you like to start a risk-free pilot project to experience the benefits first hand? Give us a call at +492351-6583000 or email [email protected] und wir vereinbaren gemeinsam die nächsten Schritte