The easy-to-use IoT Remote Monitoring Solution

✓ COMOTIX Condition Monitoring: proven IoT solution

IoT Condition Monitoring Solution for heating, cooling, machines, pumpsWith the COMOTIX® monitoring solution you monitor all objects whose failure can lead to expensive damages or a lot of stress when not noticed immediately:

  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Refrigerators in medicine or gastronomy
  • Ventilation 
  • Pumps 
  • Doors & gates
  • Machines 
  • and a lot more!

COMOTIX® is a proven system solution by EPV Electronics GmbH in Germany and is currently already deployed with tens of thousands of devices in the field. 

✓ Works without Wifi, without mains supply. Water proof IP68.

COMOTIX® devices are self-sifficient. At the place of installation they do not require Wifi and do not need a mains power supply. They are water and dust proof with a protection rating of IP66 & IP68. This facilitates their deployment in challenging environments and outdoors. 

Installation is quick, simple and cost-effective. No technical expertise is required for installation- they are ready to go in 1 minute.  

✓ Alarm messages / alerts to as many recipients as you need

Alarm messages can be sent to as many recipients as you wish. The messages can be sent in the following formats

  • Push notification,
  • Telegram messenger message,
  • E-Mail or 
  • SMS. 

✓ Complete package, can be deployed internationally

COMOTIX® is a complete IoT solution. It consists of the actual devices, a GDPR compliant online platform and the freely available COMOTIX® App for Android and iOS. Each device contains a rechargeable battery and a preconfigured and ready-to-use international multi-network eSIM card.

The devices use modern 4G/5G mobile cell network data services (with 2G fallback), to ensure the reliable transmission of alerts. COMOTIX® devices can be deployed in most countries.