Temperature Control HACCP in food handling / food processing

Temperaturkontrolle Kita Gastronomie Arztpraxis VorschriftenIn many areas, regular (often even daily) temperature controls are mandatory. This applies to medicines, vaccines and drugs, but also to the storage of food and groceries in daycare and gastronomy.

Do you still document manually on paper?

Today, temperature control often takes the form of reading the temperature or the min/max temperature range from a simple thermometer on a daily basis. This information is then usually written down on paper.

What happens on weekends and public holidays?

However, it is common practice that temperatures are not recorded on weekends and public holidays. If the cooling system fails at the weekend (or even in the evening), this is often discovered much too late and the damage has already occurred. So in this model, the operator has no way to react in time.

No remote alarms = no possibility to react in time.

Temperaturkontrolle, Inspektion durch die Aufsichtsbehörde

Also, in most cases, there is no remote alarm. Even if the refrigerator or freezer flashes and beeps on site in the event of a fault, it is not of much if nobody is there to react to the fault.

Regular inspections by the regulatory authority

Many companies are inspected by the supervisory authority at regular intervals, e.g. once a year. If the inspectors are in the house, proper and complete temperature logs should be at hand.

With Comotix monitoting you are rid of all these worries:

Warnings & Alerts

A Comotix device records the current temperature every 30 seconds, 24 hours a day. If the temperature reaches critical warning thresholds, the device immediately sends alerts to any number of people. This saves you valuable time and allows you to react before damage occurs. 

Automatic documentation, available at any time and in PDF format

The device calculates the minimum/maximum values ​​reached per day and automatically documents them for you. You can access it at any time via the website or the app and at the end of the month you will automatically receive all daily results as a PDF protocol via email.

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