Temperature monitoring server room / data center

IoT Temperaturüberwachung, Fernüberwachung für Serverräume und RechenzentrenServer rooms form the technical backbone of operations because emails, documents, customer data, all work and much more run over them. That's why companies should take good care of their servers and always have the security of your data on the servers on their radar. After all, data is one of the most valuable assets of most businesses today. When data loss occurs or systems stop working, it can cause significant financial damage and major infrastructure losses.

One of the most common causes of damage is excessive server room temperature, which is often an indication of a problem within the room. With COMOTIX® temperature monitoring, you get remote monitoring incl. automatic documentation as an all-round worry-free solution.

The sensor records the temperature value in the server room and automatically alerts you to critical deviations and malfunctions via the COMOTIX® app on your smartphone. This allows you to react quickly before any damage occurs!

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COMOTIX® TEMPERATURE | Remote Temperature Monitoring, Temperature Alarm and Temperature Documentation: COMOTIX® Temperature (4G/5G)
• Remote temperature monitoring with Alarms and Documentation
• Autonomous & reliable: works WITHOUT WIFI and power supply
• Real-time monitoring: automatic recording of min and max values,
• Commissioning in 1 min., no technical knowledge required
* €259,66 * SRP
(€309,00 Incl. tax)