All COMOTIX® detectors are operated and configured in the same online environment or the COMOTIX® app. Even if you operate many different devices, you will find them uniform and tidy in the online administration. The following COMOTIX® variants are currently available.

If you cannot find the right version for your requirements, please contact us by email or phone +49 2351 6583002.

  • TEMPERATURE: temperature monitor / temperature alarm. For all types of refrigerators, deep-freezing, freezers. Can also be used as a frost monitor and heat monitor.
  • CONTACT: Monitoring of potential-free contacts, e.g. relays, reed contacts, float switches. E.g. for alarm forwarding from alarm systems or smoke detectors. Failure monitoring of ventilation systems.
  • VIBRATION / ANGLE: Monitoring for vibrations and / or inclination.
  • RGB-SIGNAL: Monitoring of operating or fault displays / fault lamps. Easiest monitoring for machines and systems without having to interact with the innards of the system. E.g. for heating monitoring (fault lamp). Simply put on the sensor and the system will be monitored.