DIN 13277 (previously DIN 58345) Alarm Forwarding, Remote Alarm

Medikamentenkühlschrank DIN 58345 Fernalarm Alarmweiterleitung potentialfreier KontaktDIN 13277 refrigerators: "On-site" alarms are of little use

In the event of a malfunction, medical refrigerators only generate an acoustic signal. If you are lucky, you will be there in the event of a fault and will hear the signal.

At night or on weekends, the audible signal will not help you. A remote alarm for the practice owner and the practice team, e.g. via SMS, is not available with most DIN 13277 refrigerators.

The practice team has no time to react to the disruption and avert the damage. In these cases, damage is very likely only noticed after it has occurred.

With COMOTIX you will never miss a malfunction again!

Medical refrigerators or medicine refrigerators according to DIN 58345 always have a potential-free output (fault signaling contact). A COMOTIX® Contact device can be connected directly to this contact.

Each alarm is then automatically forwarded to your cell phone (and any number of other recipients).

Possible notification channels are:

  • Push message in the Comotix app (free of charge)
  • Instant message in Telegram Messenger (free of charge)
  • Email (free of charge)
  • SMS (0.09€ per SMS)

Several (or all) of these channels can also be selected (redundant transmission).

Messages to any number of recipients

Any number of recipients can be alerted. The desired channels for the alarm messages can be set individually for each recipient so that no faults or failures are missed.


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