Remote Door & Gate Alarm

Türalarm, Türwachter, Tür-Überwachung per Smartphone As a silent intruder alarm, for ongoing monitoring or for loved ones with dementia.

  • Would you like to have the comforting certainty in the evening that no door or gate is open?
  • Would you like to receive a notification on your cell phone immediately when someone opens the warehouse gate? No matter where you are?
  • Is the door to the tool shed closed again?
  • Are all the fire doors in the escape stairwell closed or did the smokers put them up again and forgot to close them?
  • Are you looking for a simple & reliable monitoring system for doors, gates and windows of all kinds?

Door alarm as an all-round hassle-free package: Simple commissioning and convenient operation

With modern door monitoring from COMOTIX®, you can answer these questions easily and reliably. No matter where you are. COMOTIX is a modern IoT system (Internet of Things) for user-friendly remote monitoring. It consists of the actual device and the COMOTIX® app.

Each device contains a rechargeable battery and a pre-configured multi-network eSIM card. Commissioning can be completed in just a few minutes, even without technical knowledge On request, we will also be happy to put the device into operation together with you free of charge by video or telephone.

Self-sufficient door monitor: Neither WLAN nor power supply required

Türwächter mit SIM-Karte. Benachrichtigung aufs Handy The COMOTIX door and gate monitoring shows its strengths wherever there is neither WLAN (or should not / cannot be used) nor a power connection. The devices work on a rechargeable battery and send the data encrypted in accordance with the GDPR-compliant via the mobile network. The devices are IP66 & IP68 waterproof and suitable for operation in harsh environments. You don't even have to sign a cell phone contract. Just attach and go. Depending on the operating conditions, a device runs for between 4 and 12 months with one battery charge. If the battery needs to be charged, you will of course receive appropriate notifications from the system in good time.

Your advantage: high reliability even under tough operating conditions.

Multi-channel alarms to several people: on the smartphone or by email

In the event of a failure or malfunction in the monitored object, the COMOTIX system sends alarm messages to any number of recipients. You can receive the messages on a number of channels: e.g. via push message, Telegram Messenger message, e-mail or SMS.

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