IoT Full-Alerts for mobile Waste Compactors

Fernüberwachung Vollmeldung Müllpresse Müllcontainer Störungsmeldung Waste compactors resp. press containers and waste press boxes need to be replaced regularly once they are full. Otherwise, waste and garbage bags pile up in front of the containers and lead to odor nuisance or attract vermin and give a highly unsightly picture.

However, most garbage compactors are not networked with the headquarters. "80% full" or "malfunction" is only displayed on site via a signal lamp during operation. Now it is up to the operator, e.g. the c janitor  of the property where the garbage compactor is located, to inform the operator by telephone or in some other way.

A COMOTIX® RGB signal remote conditioning monitor works much easier, more automated and more reliable. This monitor system has a small light sensor that is simply glued onto the indicator or fault light. No intervention in the internal electrics of the compactor is required. Installation takes just a few seconds.

Advantages for operator and customer

Müllpressen Füllstandmeldung automatisieren Störungsmeldung FunkFrom now on, the control center automatically receives "full" and "fault" messages from the waste compactors. A replacement can now be planned in time and without jostling customers. The customer is pleased with the operator's proactive service. In the event of a malfunction, the operator can approach the customer and look for a solution or send a technician to fix the problem before piles of waste accumulate in front of the compactor.

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