Temperature monitoring / temperature alarm

COMOTIX® Temperature is a temperature monitor and temperature alarm that you can use for many different applications. 

You can configure it online - either via the free app or via the COMOTIX® website - exactly as required for your application. 

You can optionally specify a minimum and maximum temperature that should not be fallen below or exceeded.

Important: You can also define a safety range so that you receive warning messages BEFORE the temperature leaves the permissible range. This gives you time to react before damage occurs.

Of course, you can also only operate COMOTIX® Temperature with a temperature threshold, for example if it is only important that the temperature does not fall below a certain level (e.g. frost warning device).

A temperature sensor is used in COMOTIX®, which measures to an accuracy of +/- 0,1°C and takes a measurement every 8 seconds. The sensor complies with the medical technology standards ISO 80601-2-56 and ASTM E1112.

Like all COMOTIX® detectors, it works on a battery basis and does not require WLAN.

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Setting options

Temperatureinstellungen COMOTIX Temperature

COMOTIX® Starter Pack
COMOTIX® Starter Pack
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Temperature Monitoring
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