Maintenance Alert for A/C units, Short Cycle Detection

To Facility Managers / Maintenance Managers: 

  • Do you run A/C units in remote or unoccupied locations?
  • Do you need to detect short cycling or poor-performing A/C units early so that you can initiate maintenance for these air conditioning units before a larger damage occurs? 

Short-cycling can lead to the premature death of the A/C's compressor and should be detected quickly. It can have a number of causes (blocked filters, low refrigerant level and others) but the first priority is to detect the faulty behaviour.

This can be difficult, especially when you run many A/C units in remote locations such as mobile cell base stations. 

With COMOTIX®, short-cycle detection is simple, convenient and completely automatic. 

Its temperature sensor is placed into the cool supply air coming from the evaporator. By monitoring and analysing the cool air behaviour. It will detect short-cycling and immediately alert you or your team about the need for maintenance. 

COMOTIX® is an autonomous IoT solution. That means it does NOT require Wifi or a power supply. It has a built-in international SIM-card and you can access all data on the COMOTIX® online platform.  

Help us make this the perfect product for you

We are currently developing this product version. If this sounds interesting to you, please drop us an email. We welcome you to be part of the product development process and would love to share prototypes with you to make sure that it does everything you need! So, let us know! 

AC air conditioning short cycling detection maintenance alert